About Us

Welcome to the Website of Ibuka Netherlands. Ibuka, remember in English, is a foundation created for the first time in 1995 in Rwanda and it is an umbrella for the survivors of the Genocide committed against the Tutsis in 1994 in Rwanda. In 2003 after realizing that there were a good number of survivors of the Genocide against the Tutsis living here in the Netherlands we decided to start Ibuka Netherlands, which is a branch of that overall umbrella.

Our mission is to preserve the memory of the victims of the Genocide against the Tutsis, and to strive for the wellbeing of the survivors of that Genocide. Our vision is to see never again becoming a reality. Our objectives are to organize commemorative activities every year in the Netherlands, to assist survivors socially, morally and financially, to fight against the genocide ideology and the Genocide denial and our last objective is to ensure that those who committed this Genocide be brought to books.

Since the creation of Ibuka Netherlands in 2003, we are here to sensitize and bring to the attention of the Dutch public that the Genocide against the Tutsis was well prepared and well executed. We are here to remind everyone that the duty to never again is a universal obligation. We want to inform the Dutch society that survivors still need their help. We are also here to remind that Genocide ideology and Genocide denial shouldn’t be given platform anywhere in the world. Most importantly we are here to make sure that those who committed the Genocide against the Tutsis be brought to justice.

I wish you welcome to this website of Ibuka Netherlands and thank you for your support.

Christine SAFARI